Good Movie Pick: Hereditary

We review low rated movies and decide if the critics were wrong.

Good Movie Pick: Hereditary

We don’t just watch low rated movies, sometimes we watch movies that are actually good. It helps keep us sane. Every month we pick a movie that’s not just good, but something you should make a point to watch.

Nico’s pick this month is Hereditary (2018) starring Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro, and Gabriel Byrne. After Ellen passes away, her daughter’s family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences as they unravel dark secrets about their ancestry and the sinister fate they’ve inherited.

This movie blew me away. I was expecting some mild haunting images and a typical witch troupe, but that was not at all what I experienced. Rarely do I feel like movies live up to the hype, but in this case, I feel like Hereditary did just that. If any horror movie should have won an Oscar, it was this one. A must watch, just maybe not alone in a dark room.

The meandering first half left me skeptical, but the last half manages to fulfill the promise as the intensity ramps until the final scene. I wondered was this a haunted house tale, a story of possession, or some kind of cult. You’re left wondering almost until the end, and I liked the conclusion. At first you may wonder if it answers all the question presented, it does even if you think it didn’t.

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