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We review low rated movies and decide if the critics were wrong.

Episode 37: The Toxic Avenger

We watched The Toxic Avenger. Is it so bad its good, genuinely good, or something else entirely?

Episode 36: Scream 4

We watched Scream 4. Raise your hand if you didn’t even know there were four movies in this franchise.

Episode 35: Honey 3 – Dare to Dance

We watched Hon3y or Honey 3: Dare to Dance. Oh boy.

Episode 34: Sextuplets

We watched the Marlon Wayans Netflix movie Sextuplets.

Episode 33: Secret Obsession

We watched Secret Obsession.

Episode 32: Are We There Yet?

We watched Are We There Yet?

Episode 30B: Also Watching

Here is what we’ve been watching.

Episode 30: Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

We watched Cirque de Freak where a teenager joins the circus and becomes a vampire.

Episode 29B: Also Watching

Here is what we’ve been watching.