We review low rated movies and decide if the critics were wrong.

Can I suggest movies?

Yes, we welcome suggestions, but understand there are a lot of movies on our schedule.

How can I respond to an episode?

Reach us on social media, email us boxofficerefund@gmail.com, or use the contact link.

How are movies selected?

A rigorous debate between the two of us.

What’s the difference between a regular episode and a B-side episode?

In a regular episode, we review one movie in depth. In the B-side we briefly discuss the various things we’ve been watching including movies and television.

How often do you publish episodes?

Every week, alternating between an in depth movie review and our also watching B side with a quick highlight of what we’ve seen lately.

Are you on social media?

We’re on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Do you hold live shows?

There is nothing on the calendar yet, but it is in the works.

Do you have merchandise?

Yes, check it out.

What do you look like in real life?

Amazing. If you’re still curious, check out the About Page.